32 kinds of wood hardness comparison table to make the necessary knowledge of furniture

- Aug 10, 2017-

 Wood has a lot of, suitable for the production of furniture hardwood material is more suitable for craftwork, because wood stability, furniture made by circulating time is long, and made of cork furniture prices more affordable. The production of furniture, the selection material, the material selection is for the soft and hard collocation, guarantee the use effect. Therefore, it is very important to have an image of wood hard watch, wood grain, hardness, color is clear! 


Wood hardness of the top three is rosewood, longfeng sandalwood, and sandalwood, wood hardness lowest in Africa light wood and basswood. 


American red oak 1290bf hardness is used as the comparison value, not the harder wood is more expensive or better, for example, walnut is softer than red oak, but the price is much more expensive. Most of the extra hard wood is the treasure that needs to be protected. 


Take a look at the list of wood hardness below. 


Units in the figure is Jane (Janka Hardness Hardness), the test method is to use pressure gauge to press the diameter of 11.28 mm steel balls into wood, depth of steel ball height through the required load. 


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