5 kinds of wood cover features

- Nov 19, 2019-

Wood cover, also known as thin wood, veneer, applied to furniture and other products veneer decoration, is a kind of wood with the characteristics of precious tree species thin veneer or veneer materials.Wood veneer and its decorative industry started in the 1950s, after half a century of development, has had a considerable scale.

Especially in the last ten years, with the rapid development of the domestic wood processing industry in the last ten years and the rapid development of the real estate industry in recent years, wood veneer as a kind of excellent surface decoration materials, followed by rapid development.The following are some discussions on the knowledge of wood bark types, just for your reference:

1. Properties and characteristics of natural wood bark:

Various high-grade natural wood decoration leather in the home, decoration industry and other areas is to save resources, save cost products.For example the big board face in furniture making can be in joinery board, particleboard, medium density fibreboard, hard fibreboard upper cover sticks adornment wood skin to become adornment board directly, and avoid to use stick face plate overlying face.At the same time, this decorative veneer can be used directly as wallpaper or furniture sealing edge.The most outstanding characteristic is: cheap and fine, quality is excellent, and design diversity, use simple, feeling elegance, do not break nobility.

Wood cover

2. Dyed wood skin features:

EP stands for the abbreviation of ExcellentPanel, which means very beautiful and exquisite wood board. It is a new decorative material made from natural wood after coloring and defect treatment with high-tech processing technology.The bark made from dyed wood is called dyed wood bark.Dyed wood cover has the following characteristics:

(1)Natural texture: EP dyes natural wood bark, so it retains the original natural touch and texture of natural wood.

(2)Zero surface defects: EP eliminates the inevitable natural defects of natural wood such as wormholes and scarring in the processing process, making the surface smoother and more comfortable.Its colour and lustre is rich, breed diversity, construction is convenient, need to use varnish processing to be able to achieve more vivid colour effect namely.

(3)Green environmental protection: EP not only carries out production inspection in strict accordance with the national standards for formaldehyde limited release in the processing process, but also avoids consumption of increasingly rare tree species resources in the use of raw materials, which is more environmentally friendly.

Dyed wood skin features

3. The characteristics of scientific and technological wood cover:

Science and technology wood cover: it is to show to use bionics principle, undertake high-tech processing through to common wood, recombine beautification processing and the performance that make is more superior new wood material.The bark that USES science and technology wood to process is called science and technology wood bark.

(1)Colour and lustre is rich, breed diversity: product of science and technology thin wood designs via computer, can produce different color and grain, colour and lustre is brighter, grain stereo feeling is stronger, design is full of move feeling and vigor.

(2)High utilization rate of finished products: high-tech thin wood has overcome the natural defects of natural thin wood, and the product has no wormhole, knot scar, color change and other natural defects.Due to the regularity and consistency of thin wood products, natural thin wood products will not produce different textures and colors due to different logs and batches.

(3)Great potential for product development: with the implementation of the national prohibition measures and natural forest protection policies, the available precious tree species are decreasing day by day, making the high-tech thin wood products as a substitute for the decorative materials of precious tree species.

The characteristics of scientific and technological wood cover

(4)Adornment format dimension is wide: science and technology thin wood overcame natural thin wood diameter the limitation with small class, according to different need can process different format dimension.

(5)Convenient processing: easy processing and anti-corrosion, anti-moth, fire (flame retardant), moisture resistance and other treatment.

Application field of wood cover:

1.Wood veneer is widely used in classical furniture, modern board furniture, solid wood composite door surface paste skin;

2.Wood veneer is widely used in high-grade star hotels, hotels, restaurants, cafes, entertainment clubs, villas and other indoor decoration surface;

3.Wood veneer is widely used in the interior decoration of cars and luxury yachts.

4.Wood cover is widely used in piano, violin, high - grade audio functional Musical Instruments, other wood products, crafts surface veneer.

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