About honly furniture design process

- Apr 21, 2017-

1, preliminary market research

Market research in order to understand the external information, market environment change, the new market environment, make up for the information, the basis for the decision of behind.

2, positioning target users

For some consumer segments (target customer group) demand make product positioning in order to build the core competitiveness of enterprises, make the product this part can be accepted by the target user.

3, brainstorming

Brainstorming can be ruled out a compromise, to discuss the problem through the analysis of objective, continuous, find a set of feasible schemes are deepened.

4, sketches and computer aided design

In order to give expression to the idea of rapid design of sketches, computer aided design idea of better performance, and then through a series of evaluation and improvement, and even determine the solution.

6, the structure design

The structure of the product design phase, in-depth combine better appearance and structure.

5, model making

Conversion from drawings to materialization, can more direct verification of the original plan.

6, the revision stage

By reviewing the appearance of the sample, the structure, the lack of materials, such as more in-depth optimization phase.

7, the production of the sample

Make more beautiful samples, details will be improved.

8, product promotion,

Samples by promoting access to orders, the customer placed an order for mass production.

9, product feedback

Products are sold through, the user use of feedback after data collection, for the product conforms to the user requirements, improvement for subsequent optimization.


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