Above is overcapacity

- Aug 06, 2018-

Overcapacity is a problem that will basically occur in the development of the industry to a certain stage. And enterprises should plan and solve this problem from the aspects of rational production and product differentiation. Furniture companies should always formulate production strategies according to market conditions and their own development, and make production plans to avoid overcapacity and waste of resources. At the same time, companies need to create a professional R & D design team, committed to the differences, innovation and practicality of furniture products. Only when furniture companies produce differentiated products, so that styles and functions are superior to other enterprises, they can be favored by consumers, and sales will naturally climb.

In short, the furniture industry must truly avoid the problem of overcapacity, and more companies need to be aware of the importance of asking the question, and take relevant measures to ensure that the company itself does not have overcapacity, and naturally can effectively solve the industry's production capacity. Excess problem.

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