Advantages and disadvantages comparison natural rattan furniture and rattan furniture

- Jan 09, 2017-

Has many kinds of vines, divided into natural rattan and PE rattan, vines are grown naturally in the tropical forest of spiny Palm climber. Although a wide variety of natural rattan, but its growth is concentrated in Indonesia, also known as natural Indonesian Rattans. Advantages: natural rattan furniture as all natural, health effects for the body, favored, natural rattan delicate surface smooth, feel particularly good.

Natural rattan General allergy does not occur, therefore particularly suitable for use by children. Natural rattan and always maintain close contact with human skin temperature, so cool without feeling cold. Natural rattan is easy to absorb sweat, not stick to skin. Sturdiness and durability, and features such as health and environmental protection, natural, fresh, comfortable and practical. Disadvantages: limited natural rattan resources currently has gradually reduced the number of natural rattan imported from abroad. Disadvantages of natural rattan furniture is prone to cracking and deformation in the North, and problems such as scarcity of raw materials to make less expensive, such as Indonesian rattan exports has been restricted, the price will be higher. Aging, moldy easier and used for a long time. Cleaning is much easier to break.

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