Characteristics of carbonized wood

- Jun 27, 2019-

1. Pure natural, pure green, no pollution

During the whole treatment process, the wood is only in contact with water vapor and hot air, without adding any chemical reagents, keeping the natural nature of the wood.

Clean the air

Carbonized wood, as its name suggests, has some special functions of carbon after being dried and treated. It can absorb impurities in the air and filter the air to improve people's breathing environment.

3. Super environmental stability

During the process of high temperature carbonization, the hydrophilic factor inside the wood is reorganized, which reduces the moisture absorption equilibrium point of the wood, commonly known as "wet line", which is not easily affected by the surrounding environment, so it can be known that it is applicable to all kinds of wood products.

4. Strong corrosion resistance

During the carbonization process of wood, most of the fungi and all the insects inside the wood are killed in the high temperature air. Meanwhile, under the high temperature condition, the nutrients inside the wood undergo complex and drastic chemical changes and are degraded or recombined, which can make the surviving fungi die due to the loss of life-sustaining nutrients. That is to say, the wood will not be moldy after carbonization.

5. Gorgeous wood color, change single species single color

In the carbonization process, the internal and external heat of wood is uniform. Under the effect of high temperature, the physical color changes -- wood color deepens and can be compared with some tropical and tropical precious wood to improve the overall taste of the environment.

6. Easy to paint and maintain

Carbonized wood surface without resin and other oily components, easy to paint. Processing also has no surface fluff defects. So it's fairly easy to install and maintain.

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