China 's outdoor furniture industry status quo

- Jun 05, 2017-

Services are not sloppy

Outdoor furniture industry competition is more and more intense, all enterprises are in the fight design, style, discount. In fact, the price, design is important, the service is also essential. Relatively speaking, if the price of the two is almost the same, but the quality of your service is good, I will certainly choose your point, because as a long-term use of outdoor furniture furniture, not so easy to replace, the relative pre-sale design Service and after-sales installation services must be followed on. Pre-sale service After every business is doing, here is the improvement of the details of the service, in addition to tailor-made, to make the most suitable outdoor furniture, but also to improve the outdoor furniture after the sale of various The quality of the problem. In today's industry, there is no good sense of service manufacturers and dealers is very difficult to foothold, do the furniture must comply with the principle of Huyou customers is the brand to do the fundamental, do not mix to customers, even if you have a Succeed, but this danger is always there, you do not know what the bomb detonated, or be careful on. The company's irresponsibility will cause the dealer to be centrifuged.

Green production healthy long stay

With the improvement of people's quality of life, the requirements are not only practical so simple, modern people pay attention to health, after all, the body is the capital of the revolution, if the capital is not, what will be the castle in the air. Outdoor furniture is no exception, environmental protection on the so into our eyes.

Especially in China's air pollution, land pollution, water pollution and other phenomena are still more serious. China's outdoor furniture as the first major production, outdoor furniture production process requires the strength of environmental protection materials, a profound impact on China's environmental quality is good or bad. Want to create a green mind with the consumer's furniture, choose a very good environmental protection coating is very important.

Electronic platform is essential

According to nine is building materials network to understand a lot of enterprises began to do a single brand extension to do the overall outdoor furniture, custom areas, yellow to do such an extension, first of all enterprises must have a strategic thinking, must have such thinking, To do this thing, that today can be made.

E-commerce, WeChat marketing, large data marketing ... ... the development of mobile Internet for outdoor furniture enterprises to create more opportunities, how to grasp and rational use has become the current business competition can not be ignored part. E-commerce is the inevitable way of furniture business, so as to form a more in-depth service, the enterprise bigger and stronger, more hope to have their own design concept of home life.

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