Civil furniture wood introduction

- Nov 20, 2019-

As the rise of people living standard, our family is decorated in, to integral soft outfit display collocation demand also is more and more.And the furniture in integral soft outfit occupies a proportion very big, close to 60%.A set of furniture normally consisting of wood, fabric, stuffing, metal accessories, etc.The selection of wood is a key part of it. Today, I would like to share with you the selection of wood for furniture.

01.Wood classification (soft and hard)

Wood used in furniture, usually divided into soft and hard wood.

Classification by tree species, generally divided into conifer and hardwood.

Cedar and all kinds of pine, spruce and fir are conifer wood;Oak wood, ash, camphor, sassafras and various birch, nanmu and poplar are hardwood.


There are many tree species in China, so the wood species often used in engineering in different regions are also different.The northeast area mainly has the red pine, the larch (yellow flower pine), the fish scale spruce, the red skin spruce, the ash ash;The Yangtze river basin is mainly cedar, masson pine;Southwest, northwest area has fir, spruce, hemlock mainly.

02.Civilian furniture lumber divides annatto and other lumber commonly

(1)The so-called "rosewood" in hardwood, from the beginning, is not a specific species of furniture, but the Ming jiaqing customs switch after the foreign import of wood, rare hardwood species (rosewood, pear, chicken wings, wood, only hainan has part of pear, domestic are Vietnam and Cambodia pear).More in tropical, subtropical areas, such as: huanghua pear, rosewood, rosewood, acid wood, chicken wing wood.

And its main advantages are:

The color is darker, more reflects the antique style, used for traditional furniture;Wood heavier, give a person the feeling of good quality;

General lumber itself has the fragrance that oneself place sends out, especially sandalwood;

Material is hard, high strength, wear-resisting and durable.Because the yield is less, so it is difficult to have high quality tree species, uneven quality;

Lines and rings are not clear, the visual effect is not fresh;Material is heavier, not easy to handle;

Material is hard, difficult to process, and easy to appear cracking phenomenon;

The material is greasy and easy to return oil under high temperature.

(2)Cork refers to: oak, beech, ash, oak, walnut, cherry, maple, birch, ash, etc.Our furniture is used in walnut, cherry, oak, beech, ash;

Walnut: walnut is a higher quality wood, mainly from North America and Europe.Domestic walnut, the color is lighter.Black walnut is a light dark brown purple, chord section for the beautiful large parabolic pattern (mountain grain).Black walnut is very expensive, make furniture to use veneer normally, use real wood rarely.


Cherry wood: the imported cherry wood is mainly produced in Europe and North America. The wood is light yellowish brown with elegant texture. The chord section is a medium parabolic pattern with small circles.Cherry wood is also high-grade wood, furniture is also usually used with wood, rarely with solid wood.

03.European, modern household oak, beech application

1. The oak oak is a German oak, beech, furniture of paint of widely used at open, tree heart shows browns to red brown, obvious growth round, slightly wavy, heavy and hard, our country north to jilin, liaoning, south to hainan, yunnan has distribution, does not see more, but the high quality material master oak still need to be imported from abroad, the excellent material per cubic metre of nearly ten thousand yuan, this also is the important cause of the high price of oak furniture.

When choosing oak furniture, be sure to carefully understand the advantages and disadvantages of oak furniture:

(1) solid oak wood, natural and clear mountain texture, strong stability and durability after being made into furniture;Oak processing performance is good, suitable for the production of European style furniture.

(2) the texture of oak is rough and easy to process, and the painting effect is good, so it is widely used as the basic material for interior architectural decoration, furniture, flooring, etc., and its quality is also well-known.

(3) oak is hard, which is its advantage and disadvantage;Below the circumstance that making craft is not quite mature, oak furniture appears more easily be out of shape and craze phenomenon.(4) the praise highly of oak furniture person is more, so some bad businessman want to use "rubber wood" confuse hearing and hearing, consumer is in do not inspect below, be deceived more easily.

(5) the amount of domestic oak wood is small, currently mainly dependent on imports, leading to the high price of oak furniture, a lot of people love oak furniture in the purchase of furniture is always hesitant.

(6) oak furniture is also a kind of wood furniture. In the process of use, maintenance is also very important.Maintain proper, a furniture USES a few decades not to be a problem.

(7) oak with a wide range of wood, many advantages, we are familiar with the wine, wine barrel can be used, but also many shortcomings, flaws do not cover the yu, the growth environment caused by a lot of knot, oak furniture on the whole is not bad.

2. Beech wood: beech wood belongs to elm to plant, foreign all produce from be in Europe slench north, low temperature grows, become ability slow, domestic production is in jiang, zhejiang wait for a place, alias beech elm or big leaf elm, wood is sent firmly, colour and lustre holds beauty concurrently, use is extremely wide, quite precious, its old wood takes red reason name "blood beech", call red beech again.

Beech wood

It is more general lumber is solid, but cannot be hardwood, old craftsman reachs the true lover of furniture of bright type to give take seriously, ju wood material is qualitative and hard, lubricious grain holds beauty concurrently, have very beautiful big decorative pattern, layer upon layer is like hill hill overlapping, be called by carpentry "pagoda grain".Since the Ming and qing dynasties, beech has been a common material of folk furniture.


Beech wood furniture is common because of beech wood, manufacturing technology is not complex, so the price is not expensive;

Ju wood furniture material is hard, wood texture is fine, ju wood has a special, like overlapping wave tip "pagoda grain;

Ju wood furniture bears wear-resisting, have burnish again, when dry also be out of shape not easily, wood sex is stable.

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