Cleaning care for outdoor furniture

- Apr 29, 2020-

Begining at the turn of the spring and summer, a pleasant climate, the leisure afternoon invite friends in his garden tea chat, for the time, it is very comfortable to enjoy, every 5 to 10 months, most families have preference in the balcony, terrace, or roof garden leisure activities, is different from indoor, such as outdoor furniture cleaning and maintenance also have different methods and standards, today, a time to offer you some practical method of outdoor furniture cleaning and maintenance.

Wooden tables and chairs--

When the turn weather of chun xia, outdoor woodiness furniture can brush on proper teak oil, in order to protect lacquer surface, prevent as a result of sunshine illuminate and rain erosion cause damage, to ash wood character, still can prevent rot, in addition, in functional furniture surface besmear some prevent ultraviolet ray layer to also can prevent damaged and become out of shape effectively.

If the fresh oil layer effect is not good, can consider applying a small amount of soft sand, and then a small amount of wax or sealant to form a protective layer, can effectively prevent direct sunlight or rain erosion caused by deformation damage.

Cleaning care wooden outdoor furniture

Wax the outdoor wooden picnic table

Cleaning and protection of outdoor MATS---

According to experience judgment, midspring early summer period, as a result of the plant pruning, pollen transmission factors, the air will often float a variety of dust, so it is necessary to often clean outdoor fiber pad.It is usually cleaned (with a soft brush), vacuumed and, if necessary, washed with a pressure gun until it is as clean as new.There is cover at ordinary times or the outdoor mat that is placed inside walkway can reduce clean frequency appropriately, the mat that spreads inside terrace courtyard needs to vacuum often.Common besmirch can use dishwashing essence to join borax and water mix make cleaner, scrub with water, the mat that sticks to have a lot of pollen and stubborn besmirch wants to use soap water, put pressure water gun, pressurize water mist form scour, clean effect is good.Sink edge mat as a result of suffer pool water and rainwater to erode jointly, because this needs more thorough washing.In addition, before cleaning can be tested in a small part of the area on the mat, to avoid the whole mat scrap due to improper selection of detergent.

Canvas chair and back

If the canvas chair can be disassembled, the canvas can be removed and washed with the washing machine, pay attention to, do not dry and then put back, should be directly installed on the chair after washing, natural air drying, so as to effectively prevent the canvas wrinkling deformation.

Canvas chair and back

If can't disassemble, can stick washing soap with wool brush first, scrub repeatedly in canvas front and back, rinse thoroughly with clean water next, stand up chair finally natural air dry, avoid metal part to rust.

White plastic chair

To use a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid into 4 liters of water, stir evenly, with sponge foam or soft brush dipped in smear on the plastic chair, keep after 15 minutes repeatedly scrub wipe, finally clean with water thoroughly, natural air dry, note, color plastic chair is not suitable for this method.

Colored plastic or resin chairs

Wash coloured plastic chair to be able to use common cleaner and clear water only, sunshine illuminate and weather element can cause chair to fade, clean maintenance is crucial.Usually use soft cotton cloth or sponge, dip in on common cleaner, gently and repeatedly will chair inside and outside swab clean, the back of the chair of grid shape also can be sprayed inside and outside first on cleaner, brush with soft bristle brush the besmirch inside mesh aperture, rinse thoroughly with a lot of water finally, reoccupy dry cotton cloth is wiped.

To keep the colour and lustre of plastic or resinous chair is bright, can wax maintain, with soft cotton cloth or wax implement even daub, natural air dry, wipe off redundant wax again.

Colored plastic or resin chairs

In addition, regular cleaning can keep the chair clean and comfortable, beautiful and durable, it is recommended that every three months can be cleaned.

Clean sunshade

Put the parasol away first, place it vertically, blow off the surface dust with a hair dryer, rub the stains on the parasol with hot soapy water, and then leave the umbrella to dry.

Metal umbrella stand can dip in soft towel in hot soapy water swab, rinse thoroughly with clean water again, wipe dry with dry towel, do not use the cleaner that contains caustic or bleach function, can damage surface coating in that way.

Clean sunshade

For an umbrella on the surface of the mold, you need to use bleach and detergent mixture, mix with watering can spray cleaning fluid in the mould and let stand for 10 minutes after repeatedly with a soft brush thoroughly scrubbed, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean completely, stubborn mildew spot if it is difficult to clean and repeat the above steps, the final will be umbrella natural dry in the sun.

Natural wicker furniture

After removing furniture cloth cover, blow off the dust of the surface with blower first and pollen, reoccupy brush purify residue, cany makes up part to often contain a lot of bilge, after scour can reoccupy big power vacuum cleaner to absorb besmear flabby, lest touch water after stick in wicker surface tightly.

Spray the 2:1 hydroxide solution with a water gun on the inside and outside surface of wicker furniture, scrub the wicker with hot soapy water dipped in a sponge until it produces foam, let the soapy water fully soak into the wicker surface, deep into the weave gap.

Natural wicker furniture

Use pressure water gun to spray a lot of clean water to rinse furniture each place thoroughly clean, wipe dry with soft dry towel next, to prevent wicker hair soft deformation, need to be placed in dry ventilated place after 24 hours, just can cover furniture cloth cover afresh.

Now as the improvement of housing conditions, many families in addition to the balcony also have more outdoor space, such as outdoor garden, clever collocation some furniture in this kind of space, gardening and decorating is not only beautiful and elegant, also provides a place for friends and relatives party, due to the effect of a variety of natural climate, outdoor furniture products often require more careful cleaning and maintenance, the environment clean, natural mood cheerful, hope that the author has collected these outdoor furniture cleaning small methods can help to you, get twice the result with half the effort, in the best time of the year, enjoy the pleasure of life.

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