Common size of furniture

- Oct 31, 2018-

Sitting height:

The vertical distance between the sitting surface and the ground. Usually used as a chair height. The height before sitting should be less than the vertical distance from the calf's armpit to the ground. Suitable for sitting high reference point: sitting height = calf armpit + (25 ~ 35) mm heel height - (10 ~ 20) mm.

National standard: The seat height of the chair is 400~440mm. For leisure seat (lounge, rocking chair, sofa, etc.), it is generally recommended to take 360~380mm (excluding material elastic allowance). If thicker soft material is used, the limit of elastic sinking should be taken as the standard.

Sitting deep:

The front to back distance of the seat surface of the chair. The front edge leaves the calf 60mm.

It is advisable to use no less than 460mm for rest;

Lightweight sofa 480~500mm; medium-sized sofa 500~530mm.

Sitting width:

The width of the leading edge is wide before sitting; the width of the trailing edge is the width after sitting, not less than 430mm. The armchair is wide in the width of the armrest and is not less than 460 mm.

Sitting bevel and anticline:

Sit back and tilt at an angle to the horizontal plane; the backrest is inclined rearward to the angle of the horizontal plane.

The dining chair sits at an oblique angle of 2°~7°; the anticline angle is 104°~108° (72°~76°).

The sofa sits at an oblique angle of 4°~7°; the anticline angle is 106°~112° (68°~74°).

The recliner is sitting at an angle of 6°~15°; the anticline is 112°~120° (60°~68°).


The height of the armrest is 250mm.

The width of the armrests is 480mm~530mm for the dining chair and 520mm~600mm for the sofa.

Handrail tilt: plus or minus 10°~20°

Flexible sinking:

It is generally 70mm, the large sofa is 80 mm ~ 120mm, and the upper backrest is elastically compressed from 30 mm to 45 mm.

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