Commonly used aluminum alloy welding technology-Laser welding of aluminum alloy

- Jun 09, 2019-

  With the continuous development of high-power, high-performance laser processing equipment, aluminum alloy laser welding technology has developed rapidly. Compared with traditional TIG and MIG welding, laser-welded aluminum alloy has the following advantages;

(1) High energy density, small heat input, small welding deformation, and can obtain welds with narrow melting zone and deep heat-affected zone; (2) Fast cooling speed, fine welds can be obtained, so welding Good joint performance;

(3) The welding speed is fast, the function is many, the adaptability is strong, the reliability is high, and the vacuum device is not needed, so it has unparalleled advantages in welding precision, efficiency and automation.

The laser has a high energy density, and the welded aluminum alloy can effectively prevent defects caused by the conventional welding process, and the strength coefficient is greatly improved. However, the laser power is generally small, and it is difficult to weld the aluminum alloy thick plate. At the same time, the absorption rate of the laser beam on the aluminum alloy surface is very low, and there is a threshold value in the deep fusion welding, so there is a certain difficulty in the process.

Laser welding

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