Commonly used aluminum alloy welding technology- Laser-arc hybrid welding of aluminum alloy

- Jun 10, 2019-

  Although laser-welded aluminum alloys have many advantages, they still have large limitations, such as high equipment cost, small joint clearance tolerance, and strict workpiece preparation procedures. In order to weld aluminum alloy more effectively, a laser-arc hybrid welding process has been developed. Laser-arc composite is mainly laser combined with TIG arc, MIG arc and plasma. Aluminum alloy laser-arc hybrid welding

The power of laser welding, the absorption rate of the laser beam on the aluminum alloy surface, and the valve of deep fusion welding are well solved. When the aluminum alloy is welded by laser and arc hybrid welding, the interaction between the laser and the arc can overcome the shortcomings of the laser or arc welding method alone, and produce a good composite effect. It can significantly improve the welding efficiency, which is mainly based on two effects: one is that high energy density leads to high welding speed; the other is the superposition effect of two heat sources simultaneously acting on one same area.

Arc hybrid welding

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