Contemporary furniture design concept - minimalist design

- Oct 17, 2017-

Minimalist design is designed to be as simple as possible, without redundant lines without redundant decorations, like athletes' body-building bodies, without an extra muscle and fat. The simplified design concept can be divided into several branches: the design concept can be divided into several branches: 


The first branch is the path of pragmatic functionalism. Its purpose is to be practical and beautiful, and simplicity is beauty. This kind of furniture is simple in structure, the parts are suitable for large plate furniture factory machinery equipment processing. It is also because of the low processing cost, the product price is relatively cheap and is loved by the general consumer group. The second branch is janue is not simple, janue is preserving lose trival essence, make the appearance of complex janue into a modern symbol, a spiritual wavy lines, the dynamics of a soft, an irregular geometry, etc. The modern aircraft, ships, cars and electrical appliances furniture model adopted the streamline, closer to the modern life on furniture. Keep a complex internal structure in a simple and elegant appearance. The design gives a vivid visual effect that makes the person feel as fresh as a drink. At the milan furniture show in Italy in recent years, such innovations have become more common. Walk into the annual milan furniture exhibition hall, and stand in the space of colorful streamlines and dynamic beauty, as if to a colorful world. The third branch is practical and function is a foundation, under the practical framework and function of the full display material personality. Truthfully rural wooden furniture, the modern solid wood furniture, chamfering in the wood, cutting edge, the lineup, digging holes, using solid wood table, like a feature, full shape the irregular shape of real wood. Both appear friendly with environmental protection, and is novel and chic and fashion 


The second form is the new material new process design. 

The new material new process design has the following two branches: the first branch is the characteristic that shows the new material adequately. The material differs the craft different, the style is different, the design idea is different. First of all, the product design should be familiar with the characteristics of the material. Rattan furniture is mainly to show the curvy and weaving patterns of the vine; Software furniture mainly displays the soft beauty and fullness of materials. Modern new material technology design mainly includes stainless steel furniture, unsaturated resin furniture and crystal plastic furniture. Stainless steel bright, hard non-friable, hot bending, modern kitchen furniture, modern bathroom furniture made from stainless steel base material is not only beautiful and easy, also waterproof and moistureproof, wear-resistant high temperature resistant, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. Unsaturated resin inverted mold furniture easy to copy, mass production cost low. Unsaturated resins can be dyed, colorful and full of color, calm black, festive red, bright yellow, elegant grey, pure white can be displayed incisively and vividly. Audience chair of large sports venues, the great hall of the chair, dining hall dining tables and chairs, big classroom desks and chairs and so on, with resin furniture not only low cost, and also the modern fashion, wear resistance, waterproof and moistureproof. ; Crystal clear clear (also can be dyed), hardness is general, plasticity is strong, waterproof moistureproof; Modern dining-room, contemporary sitting room collocation crystal furniture is clean and decorous, "pure and fresh quietly elegant and crystal clear bright, understand xiaochang and love rhyme long", seem to enter a pure and transparent fairy tale world 


The second branch is the backstring design of the material. 

In Peking Opera, there is a kind of stunts called anti-skewers, and the anti-skewers are women disguised as men or cross-dressing, and the famous Peking Opera master mei lanfang is the anti-skewers. Also has a cross-dressing design in the design of furniture, cross-dressing designs a kind of material can be compatible with the characteristics of two or more than two kinds of material, product modeling novel and chic, often achieve the result that expect is less than. Cross-dressing design commonly used technique has the following kinds: a, wood imitation of the cane makes up with faux fur weave design, this design in southeast Asia furniture longest see, work not only shows the wood grain is beautiful, and shows the woven rattan and skin beautiful pattern. Two, the stainless steel wicker cane and the cane design, the work shows both the unrustiness and the hard, the soft beauty of the rattan and the skin, the same material formed soft and hard contrast to the eye. This kind of design is the longest in the foreign steel wood furniture. Three, the software imitation steel tube design, the same kind of cloth or the skin formed soft and hard contrast, let a person appear to go into fairy tale world. Longest see this kind of furniture in the modern sofa creative. In addition to plastic imitation cane weaves design, plastic imitation software design, stainless steel imitation software design, wood imitation steel pipe design, plastic imitation steel pipe design and so on 

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