Custom-made sofa cover those issues?

- Jan 09, 2017-

1, sofa fabric options.

Currently used as a net fabric has a lot of sand, is mainly focused on cotton, hemp, wool, beef tendon and other categories.

Cotton linen material with fabric in the market is the largest share of the type of touch, delicate touch is soft and thick is better; the second, solid natural flower type, uniform color soft; three burnt by fire points fire fabric lint, turns into the ash and no burnt smell better. Four smell, good material there is no chemical smell. Linen material advantages of pure natural ingredients warm in winter and cool in summer, high grade, be divided into coarse linen and linen. Due to shrinkage of the material is very high, should be improved before shrinking process (Wan ji this is resolved, of shrinking fabric has been eliminated). Velvet is also divided into many kinds of double colored velvet, velveteen, corduroy, suede velvet, chenille, and so on. Main fabric luster, feel comfortable.

2, sofa sets manufacturers select: to select the year, quality guarantee and service minded;

3, then pay attention to choose the right color of the cloth, with the living room décor and accessories match coordinated;

4, but also the Slipcover cheap washable and stain-resistant fabric;

5, for inspection of the product, mainly Sandy hair sewing is open, cannot be bent not straight, not on the line, fine workmanship, and zipper is pulled free, and after good docile;

6, covers the follow-up service.

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