Design method and type of bionic design

- May 24, 2017-

Bionic design is based on the nature of all things "shape", "color", "sound", the function, structure and so on as the research object, selective in the design process using the principle of these characteristics to design provides a new idea. In the new era, environmental protection is not so easy for human beings. 

Biomimetic design falls into three categories: 

the bionic form in representational form evolved into an abstract form, is the highest form of bionic configuration, and representational bionic is relatively rigid, no spiritual. Abstract bionic forms are generalizations, simplifications, associative, imaginative, and abstract forms of the same figurative form. 

The bionic nature of function mainly studies the functions and principles of objects and nature, and applies these principles to improve existing products or to build new technology systems. 

Reproduction of structure and materials 

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