Discussion on Common Materials for Outdoor Furniture

- May 05, 2018-

There are many materials used in furniture, such as rattan, solid wood, plastic wood, stainless steel, cast aluminum, and wrap cloth. Each has its own advantages. Rattan's general warranty for 3-5 years, rattan will age. Solid wood is recommended for good wood such as pineapple, teak, etc., but it should be made by a strong factory because defects, glue, etc. all affect the stability of the product. The material of plastic wood is the same as rattan, but the mold is different. Domestically produced plastic wood generally has a warranty of about 2 years, and it will be deformed after a long time. Most domestic outdoor furniture factories use domestic plastic wood. Export companies generally use Taiwan’s better. Stainless steel is good, if the beach is not recommended, the sea salt with the wind, even if the 316 stainless steel, placed in the sea after 2 years will start a little rusty. Cast aluminum outdoor furniture to see the mold, the overall emphasis on a little better quality, hollow if the wall thickness is not enough, then use a period of time after the crack. Of course, if you buy solid cast aluminum outdoor furniture, it will be no problem to use it for 8 years in the last decade. Baobu is not recommended. This is because it exports more goods. The quality of air in foreign countries is good. Outdoor furniture wrapped in cloth provides good comfort in the cold winter.

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