Discussion on the Difference between Spray Painting and Powder Spraying in Painting Process

- May 09, 2018-

     Spray painting and dusting are two completely different methods of painting. Spray paint is the use of compressed air to disperse liquid paint (commonly known as paint, paint particles are attached to the surface of the paint, and the dust is compressed air Dispersed into powder mist particles under the effect of high-voltage electrostatic adsorption on the surface of the object through the electric field.

The correct name for powder spraying is electrostatic powder coating, which is not simply done with a spray gun. The composition of electrostatic powder spraying equipment is composed of powder bucket (compressed air supply powder), high voltage electrostatic generator and electrostatic powder spray gun. The types mainly include outdoor powders and outdoor powders, indoor powders mainly of epoxy type outdoor powders are mainly of polyester resin type, and paints are basically two kinds of components.

     According to the paint: polyurethane paint to analyze and calculate: paint solid content 40%, paint cost cost: 50 yuan, using air spray paint spray: 6 square, about = 8 yuan / square, primer about 7 yuan / square; at least two The total cost of the secondary spray is about 15 yuan/square.

    The powder was analyzed according to: epoxy powder: spray thickness of about 60 μm, solvent-free 100% solids. (You can achieve 0 emissions, powder can be recycled) Powder coating cost cost 20 yuan / kg, 1kg powder can be sprayed 8 square, the total cost of about: 2.5 yuan / square, the powder needs to be cured, the need for heat, heating costs: 1 yuan / Square, but the large workpieces are machine chassis, peripheral shells, and electric boxes, and the thickness is relatively thick. The heating cost is about 3 yuan/square. The total powdering cost is 5.5 yuan/square.

Other cost analysis:

    Paint curtains or dry paint booths are required because 30-40% of the paint is wasted. The paint is also required to be treated. The processing cost is about 0.5 yuan/square. The utilization rate of the powder is basically 100%. Emissions, no treatment costs; paint contains formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other harmful substances, physical injury to workers, and the second spray, increased a lot of manpower, material resources; dusting the workpiece: the coating is thick, you can To cover up some, paint can not be traced; and the coating is hard after powder solidification, it is not easy to touch flowers, machinery and equipment are more upscale.

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