Double beam laser welding of aluminum alloy

- Jun 13, 2019-

  When the laser is separately welded to the aluminum alloy, pores due to the collapse of the keyhole are generated. In this regard, double-beam laser welding has been studied, and it has been found that the double-beam laser welding has a relatively wide welding width and a low aspect ratio of the weld, which can improve the stability of the keyhole and can significantly reduce the stomatal sensitivity. The reason is that the first laser beam generates a molten pool during the double beam laser welding, and the nearby area is preheated, and the accumulated heat causes the second laser beam to illuminate the place, and more base material can be melted, thereby forming a wider width. Weld seam. In addition, since the second laser beam can vaporize the rear wall of the keyhole formed by the first laser beam, the keyhole is prevented from collapsing, so the probability of forming the air hole is smaller.

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