Fabric sofa maintenance tips

- Jan 09, 2017-

1. daily cleaning: adjust the vacuum cleaner to the minimum absorption sofa coat of dust. Note do not use the vacuum cleaner suction brush, don't overlook the corner location. No vacuum cleaner to wipe clean with a soft, dry towel.

2. the sofa cushions are removable, regularly block sofa cushion 180-degree reverse or change the face (Wan ji founder of sofa Fabric sofas can be used on both sides), this will not sit on a cushion, and make it collapse for a long time, you can extend the life.

3. clean: sofa coat can be dismantled, put into the washing machine, but not all suits are suitable for, small jackets with elastomeric or shrink fabrics can be, so some sofa sets need to be dry-cleaned. Home owner attention!

Note: the sofa is daily cleaning and maintenance of seven and three points by cleaning. Sofa fabric is not bad but harmful.

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