Furniture product form analysis

- Sep 27, 2017-

Classical class: this style inherited the Baroque style in the luxury, dynamic, changing visual effects, but also learn the Rococo style in the aesthetic, rhythm of the details of dealing with elements. Large to the ceiling, bathroom, staircase barrier, small to murals, lamps and even a mirror must have a European classical flavor. In the design to emphasize the independence of space, wiring selection is much more complex than the neo-classical. More suitable for use in larger villas, houses and not suitable for smaller units. European classical style pursuit of gorgeous, elegant, elegant reveals a noble, deep in the luxury, with a strong cultural flavor and historical connotation. The pursuit of continuity in space, the pursuit of physical changes and sense of hierarchy. Indoor and outdoor colorful, bright changes in light and shade; to reflect the gorgeous style, furniture, doors, windows and more painted white, furniture, frame lines decorated with gold, Phnom Penh.

Neoclassical: neoclassical design style, is to use modern materials to create a simplified classical home style. Abandon the complex mechanism and decoration, simplifying the lines, and combined with the modern material, the nostalgic romantic feelings and modern life needs of the combination. Is the popular home style this year.

Modern class: the shape of the more traditional, lines first tough, giving a thick, powerful visual effects, taste elegant, simple and practical is the basic characteristics of modern style. And then shape, simple and generous structure, the overall support of natural harmony, color and elegant, with other colors with a great deal of compatibility. This kind of three-dimensional and artistic sense gives the impression of superior taste. Furniture materials generally use MDF, reflecting the designers and manufacturers of environmental awareness, close to the actual life, there is a strong human touch.

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