Furniture use place classification

- Jul 01, 2019-

  1. Civil furniture

Bedroom furniture: bed, bedside cabinet, dressing table, dressing stool, wardrobe, bed end stool, dressing mirror, etc. (add other furniture according to user's preference)

Living room furniture: sofa, tea table, edge a few (horn a few), bar ark.

Dining room furniture: dining table, dining chair, wine cabinet, dining side cabinet, etc.

Study furniture: bookcase, desk, sundry rack (bookshelf), magazine rack, recreational chair, side a few.

Kitchen furniture: cabinet, knife rack, cutting board, cupboard, storage rack.

Toilet furniture: wash hands cabinet (stage), storage rack, tub, towel rack, towel rack, etc.

Outdoor furniture: parasol, metal or wood table, stool, leisure chair, etc. (furniture used in the courtyard of villa or balcony, roof, small courtyard)

  2, office furniture: big desk, chair, desk bookcase, sofa, tea table, corner table.

  3. Medical furniture: wardrobe, bed, bedside table, storage cabinet.

  4. Hotel furniture: wardrobe, bed, bedside table, leisure chair, bar chair, bar chair, wine cabinet, desk, class chair, sofa, tea table, side table, porch cabinet (table) bathroom series, etc.

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