General technical conditions for metal furniture

- Dec 05, 2017-

Standard no. : GB/T 3325-2008 

The terms and conditions of the following documents shall be used as the terms of this standard by reference of this standard. Every note date reference documents, its all subsequent modification single (not including errata content) or revised edition are not applicable to this standard, however, according to the agreement of the parties of this standard are encouraged to study whether can use the latest version of these documents. The latest version of a reference file that does not date will apply to this standard. 

GB250 color change color with gray sample card 

GB/T1043 rigid plastic beam shock test method 

GB/T1732 film resistance impact measurement 

GB/t1931-1991 method for determination of wood moisture content 

GB/t2828.1-2003 counting sampling inspection procedure part 1: sampling plan for batch inspection by receiving quality limit (AQL) 

Determination of formaldehyde in GB/T2912.1. Part 1: formaldehyde (water extraction) free hydrolysis 

GB/T3920 textile color fastness test to resist rubbing fastness 

GB/T4689.20 leather coating adhesion fastness measurement method 

GB/T4893.1 furniture surface cooling liquid determination method 

GB/T4893.2 furniture surface moisture resistance measurement 

GB/T4893.3 furniture surface dry heat assay 

GB/T4893.4 furniture surface paint film adhesion cross cutting method 

GB/T4893.7 furniture surface paint - resistant thermal temperature difference measurement 

GB/T4893.8 furniture surface film abrasion test 

GB/T4893.9 furniture surface film impact determination method 

Part 6: furniture 

GB/T6343 foam and rubber surface (volume) density measurement 

Determination of permanent deformation of GB/T6669 soft foam polymerization materials 

GB/T6670 soft polyurethane foam plastic resilience can be determined 

GB/t6739-2006 paint and varnish pencil determination of paint film hardness 

GB/T9286 color paint and varnish coating test 

GB/T9754 paint and varnish Do not contain metallic pigment paint film RMB 20 °, 60 ° and 85 ° mirror gloss measurement 

GB/T10357.1 furniture mechanical properties test table class strength and durability 

GB/T10357.2-1989 furniture mechanical performance test chair for stability 

GB/T10357.3 furniture mechanical performance test chair, bench strength and durability 

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