Guangdong's Atmospheric Environmental Governance Has Made Heavy Efforts

- May 07, 2018-

The furniture industry is not only the dominant traditional industry in Guangdong, but also the industry with the largest emission of VOCs in Guangdong. It uses about 20,000 tons of paint every year, and VOCs emit more than 10,000 tons. In order to further improve the quality of the atmospheric environment, in February this year, the municipal government issued the “Shenzhen Atmospheric Environmental Quality Improvement Plan (2017-2020)”, which clearly requires that the city's furniture industry completely ban the use of high volatile organic content coatings by the end of June. The Shenzhen Special Economic Zone’s technical specification “Limits on Harmful Substances in Finished Furniture and Raw and Auxiliary Materials” will also implement the second phase limit requirement from May 1, 2017. The implementation of this standard means that the furniture manufacturing process in Shenzhen will be completely prohibited. Solvent-based paints, adhesives, and toxic sheets are used to strictly limit the toxic and hazardous residue content.

It is reported that in order to promote the furniture companies to complete the transformation of the production line as soon as possible, the municipal government will provide capital subsidies for enterprises that have completed the transformation of all production lines, and the subsidy standard is expected to increase to 40% of the cost of water-based transformation of the company's production lines.

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