How to choose comfortable and durable outdoor furniture?

- Apr 08, 2020-

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In recent years, there is a new word "outdoor living room" constantly appearing in the design task book. In the contemporary era, people who have been living in the concrete of high-rise buildings for a long time are extremely eager for "shelter", hoping to walk, sit, talk and talk in the space such as courtyard and balcony, to experience the arbitrariness of outdoor environment and enjoy the four seasons.The outdoor space is an extension of the interior space, which is worth careful design and selection of appropriate outdoor furniture.

In ancient living culture, rattan, bamboo, stone and wood were the main furniture in outdoor Spaces such as southern gardens and northern quadrangle courtyards.In contemporary residence, what element does outdoors furniture notice?How to choose a comfortable carrier for the 'shelter' in the city?With decades of experience in high quality furniture production, Flexform now offers a set of outdoor furniture with seating systems, sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs and many decorative accessories.Designed by renowned furniture designers Antonio Citterio, Mario Asnago, Claudio Vender.Next, take Flexform outdoor furniture as an example, a brief introduction about how to arrange outdoor furniture.

01. Texture


Peter Outdoor


The main difference of indoor and outdoor furniture, depend on the material business that place USES undoubtedly.High durability is essential for outdoor furniture to cope with rain, light, temperature and other factors.Stainless steel, polyurethane rubber, waterproof fabrics and tropical African iloko wood are excellent materials for outdoor environments.


The Vulcano sofa seat is made of Marine plywood to prevent moderate deformation, while the armrest and backrest are made of 316 austenitic stainless steel (superalloy) to ensure excellent performance in outdoor environments.Fabric sofa cover used polypropylene fiber or polyurethane rubber, cushion cover has a special layer of breathable, waterproof fiber made of lining material, not only weather and sunshine, but also chlorine and salt water have excellent resistance.

Peter Outdoor

Peter Outdoor series armchairs and footstools, the whole structure is made of 316 austenitic stainless steel, seat and backrest cover have light solid system cover, are made of polypropylene fiber or polyurethane rubber, the lowest density polymer material, no matter how long the material will not be deformed.


02. Stored

Zante 沙发

Alison 扶手椅


The Zante sofa has two different sitting depths to choose from, giving it a good deal of flexibility and adaptability.The seating system is known for its ease of disassembly, allowing for stack storage at the end of the season or when necessary.


03. Comfort



The Thomas outdoor armchair is a versatile outdoor fixture that is ideal for porches, courtyards, and other outdoor seating collections.The Thoma single chair, a hot seller for interior furniture, is extremely soft and comfortable with a seat filled with polyurethane foam and covered with a breathable and waterproof laminated fabric cover.

04. Flexibility


Fly sets




Outdoor space is a place for a variety of activities, so the arrangement of furniture needs to meet a variety of needs, whether it is functional, or aesthetic.The following items are available in a variety of materials, sizes and configurations to maximize flexibility and personalization.

Tindari's outdoor coffee table echoes Flexform's longstanding design theme, "texture."The frame of the coffee table is made of extruded aluminum, woven with polypropylene fiber or woven polyurethane rubber, and comes in a range of colors from earth to bordeaux to olive green.The table cover is hand-woven by a top craftsman to take the heat out of the metal and can be combined with any chair in the outdoor area.The Tindari table offers other design options, such as tabletop styles like Beola Argentata, volcanic rock, porphyry or pietra del Cardoso.


Fly table, coffee table and tea table set, simple design, can be customized size, color and material.


Bangkok box bench as a multi-functional decorative furniture, is now launched a high-end outdoor version, providing a range of exquisite colors.The Bangkok outdoor cabinet stool comes in three different sizes and can be used as a portable seat or in combination with other outdoor tea tables.


The shape of Phuket box stool is the same as that of Bangkok box stool in material and color. It can be used as ordinary seat and other table articles in outdoor suit.


The Cesta outdoor storage box is suitable for multi-functional Spaces, where magazines can be placed, or for storage on terraces and courtyards.The upper part of the Cesta outdoor box has functional openings for easy handling and movement.

05. Personalized





Finally, in any design decision about the configuration of outdoor space furniture, must take the individual character style and the required design aesthetic feeling as the center.Some products can be applied to a variety of styles, while others have their own unique design.Making sure you want to go the style route will help narrow down the options.


Ortigia outdoor series is dedicated to the interpretation of traditional and classic charm with a modern atmosphere.The structure of the armchair is made of solid wood of iloko, the traditional handwork of the craftsman is made of fine wood, at the same time there are three choices of natural, white paint and dyeing grey.


The Dafne seats display a pure, clean line design.


The Zefiro dining table is light and modern, and now has an outdoor version, offering a wide variety of sizes and looks to emphasize versatility.


The Moka outdoor table and chair set is based on the original design of MarioAsnago and Claudio Vender from 1939.The contemporary feel of the original design and its reference to the rationalist movement in design are now reinterpreted by innovative materials with excellent weather resistance.

Moka chair

The slender, precise structure of the Moka outdoor chair is made of tubular 316 austenitic stainless steel, and the seat back is beautifully x-shaped.

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