How to distinguish solid wood or leather furniture

- Jul 04, 2019-


Optimistic about the location of the scar side, on the other side can find whether there is a corresponding knot is solid wood

Wood grain

Generally, the surface of high-grade solid wood furniture is covered with varnish only, in order to maintain the beautiful wood grain of the log. It can be judged whether the wood grain on both sides of the panel or the door panel of a pure solid wood furniture is consistent, and whether the front side of the furniture corresponds to whether it is true or not. Solid wood furniture. If the wood grain is not matched, the chance of skinning is relatively large. Because the veneer has a certain thickness (about 0.5mm), when the furniture is made, it encounters two adjacent interfaces. Usually, it does not turn, but each piece is attached, so the wood grain of the two interfaces should not be connected.

Cross section

The cross-section of the solid wood is clear, and the wood grain corresponds to the front, but it is not extended by the front wood grain, but a section; no matter how well the manufacturer's surface is done, but the furniture joints, such as hinges, rivets The interior of the wood must be visible in the part, so the “identity” of the furniture can also be detected through these parts. Because the furniture is now spliced, there is rarely a whole piece of wood, so there will be a slight difference in color. Unless it is skinned or fake, you can achieve the same color, you can carefully observe when you buy.


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