How to handle rattan furniture

- Jun 08, 2017-

There were many misunderstandings of cany art furniture, one of the biggest misunderstanding is that cany art furniture is bad to do, because afraid of dry and wet cany art furniture, but also always need immediate maintenance and cleaning, to maintain its bright clean like new. But actually, as long as the following a few steps, the cane art furniture is not difficult to handle. 

Avoid direct sunlight 

The ultraviolet ray in sunshine can make cane degeneration crisp, the sun for a long time can make the yellow white rattan furniture, make local fade brown shiny red rattan furniture, bamboo rattan furniture in the expensive dry, loose, and release. Therefore, it is important to avoid direct sunlight in the spring and summer. Might as well use translucent white gauze curtain to separate sunshine point-blank, protect cane makes furniture while, also do not affect indoor daylighting. 

Stay away from sources of heat and heat 

Because of cany qualitative furniture afraid of high temperature, so the use and storage, don't make the contact and close to the fire, heat source, such as iron, hot water cup, etc., as far as possible don't directly in the above. Otherwise, it can be deformed, bent, cracked, loose or removed. 

Avoid dampness 

Although can absorb a certain amount of moisture, but if absorb excessive water, can become soft, deformed. So when you use it, you have to prevent it from getting wet. But cane to make furniture is that the benefits of be affected with damp be affected with damp should be fixed as original shape after deformation, after dry or air-dried, it will restore to its original shape and size. Accordingly, when cany furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp is flagging, want to find a way to reduce the load, clever and evenly to support it, to keep the original weaving shape, prevent deformation of clearance. 


For example, if the bookshelf is placed on a bookshelf, for example, it is best to follow the two emphasis and the light principle. This will allow the book weight to be placed in a symmetrical position to prevent the weight of the bookcase in the middle. And if it is a seat, it can be placed in a square stool or a box on the side of the cane, helping to prop up the vine and keep it dry and undistorted. 


So the cane art furniture if accidentally get wet, want to be dried as soon as possible. 


keep ventilated 

The cross section of the cane is covered with a detailed catheter, so if it is not carefully affected, it will not only deform, but it can also cause mould in the mesh. Therefore, if it is in the south, especially in the plum rain season, the ventilation of rattan furnishings is especially important. In the days that have the sun, it is better to move to the place that has a place to be in the place that has a place to go to the place that has a place to go to "blow breeze", can prevent mould spot to produce, keep dry and cool. Note here, never ask "dry", and carried it out of the sun insolates, a tide for contrast, fade aside, cane it will be easier to rapid deformation or fracture. 

Do a lot of cleaning 

Since rattan art furniture is afraid of humidity, it is bound to be unwashed when cleaning. But as we said, it requires immediate care and cleanliness, so what should we do? 


In general, cany art furniture had better be two or three months to do a, cleaner can be used when cleaning or a feather duster to dust brushed, in addition, some small places and aperture, can use a toothbrush, wicker and other relatively fine bristles to eliminate gap left in the dirt. 


Be aware that clean rattan furniture is not used for cleaning the surface of a cleaner or solvent, such as alkaline water. So at this point, we're going to choose the salt water. Because with BLML saline, namely can decontamination, can keep its flexibility, long long again, can also have some brittle, insect-resistant eat by moth, is a good way to fully staffed. Yes, and finally, remember to wipe it off with a soft rag, so that a clean work on the rattan furniture is done easily. 


insect-resistant eat by moth, 

What do we do when we find signs of moth rot in the rattan furniture? 


They can be eaten by a pepper or a hot pepper, and no damage to the rattan. 


The specific approach: the half Chinese prickly ash with half fine salt and stir-fry, pulping, into hole cavity, and then use plastic sheeting or small plastic bags pack the cavity surface, make the smell is not leaked. The same is true for a sharp chili. After 24 hours, the plastic sheeting is untied, and the surface of the moth is filled with boiling water, and the remaining moth is destroyed. Finally, dry with a soft towel to prevent the worm from spreading. 

The repair of rattan art furniture 

The "surface" method for both rolled and damaged paint areas: 


For the rolled-up portion, you can use a liquid cleaning agent, and you want to keep it long enough to mop it with a brush. But it cannot be scraped on the surface like wood furniture, which is scrubbed at the top of the knitting. This is done to allow the rest of the liquid to flow to the more loosely woven parts, where it does not accumulate in tightly woven parts. When done, wind it up. 


The next step is painting: paint is best sprayed, so all corners and pits can be painted. Be careful to prevent polyurethane from solidifying into a layer of plastic, because it is hard and brittle and may cause cracks in all curved areas. 


There is also a new way of treating it: clean it up first, then wind it dry. Once everything is done, use sandpaper again to polish the top of the vine, make the skin thoroughly decontamination and restore smooth, and finish the oil protection. 


Storage and use 

Placed in store, as far as possible to the ground level, let cany art furniture legs smooth landing safely, if placed on uneven ground, furniture often shake, affect the service life. 


Warm reminder: 


The best way to maintain cane to make furniture is used often to sit, often use will not only give cane to make furniture is vicissitudes of life, but also to keep the rattan material toughness. 

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