How to repair scratches on outdoor furniture?

- Jun 27, 2019-

  Today to share how to remove outdoor furniture scratches handling tricks, can solve the problem of every family

Tools to fix first:

Hose or bucket

An old rag

Knock the spray paint

Plastic film, etc.

  1. Scrub outdoor furniture (chairs, for example) clean first.

Because itself outdoor furniture has been placed in the outdoor, there will be dust and dirt, before repair need to use hoses to wash or use cloth, bucket scrub, and then wait until completely dry after the next step. This step is just like before decorating the wall, need to clean up the wall.

  2. Secondly, there is only one part to be repaired, and the other parts need to be covered by plastic film to prevent the paint from dripping to the place without scratches during the repair.

3. Repair scratches on outdoor furniture with spray paint. Simply stand about 8 inches from the chair and move the paint can evenly to prevent the paint from dripping

  4. Of course, if the surface of outdoor furniture is damp, two coats of paint can be used. After the first coat of paint to dry, the second coat of paint, wait until dry, will cover the plastic film can be removed.

     Finally, this will simply solve the problem of outdoor furniture scratches, if you have encountered such a situation, hope to help you oh!

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