How to use water paint - middle coating construction

- Apr 27, 2018-

The paint is fully mixed with a hand-held electric stirring gun before use. If the consistency is relatively large, dilution with fresh water may be appropriate. However, the amount of water added must be the same for each time. Then pour the paint into the tray and paint it with the paint roller for the first time. The roller should be brushed horizontally and then rolled longitudinally to remove the paint and smooth it. Rolling order is generally from top to bottom, from left to right, first from the far, near the first corner, small face after the big face. Thickness and evenness are required to prevent the paint from falling too much.

The roller cannot be covered with a female corner. It needs to be replenished with a brush and must not be missed. Always remove roller hairs that are on the wall. Avoid overlapping brush trails. Paint that has been contaminated in other areas should be wiped clean with clean water. After the first pass of the middle layer coating, it is generally necessary to dry it for 4 hours or more to perform the next step of polishing. Then, use fine sandpaper for grinding. Use lightly and evenly when grinding. Do not wear through the coating. Clean the surface with abrading.

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