Intelligent outdoor furniture 'Fluid Cube&City Snake', modular construction of renewable wood

- Apr 30, 2020-

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Architecture and design studio Hello Wood has designed a range of "smart" outdoor furniture for educational institutions and public Spaces.It contains two pieces of furniture: Fluid Cube and City Snake.They reintroduce modular public installations in a modern and sustainable way.

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Commissioned by MVM Hungarian power private limited (MVM), solid wood furniture includes intelligent features powered by renewable energy."Fluid Cube and City Snake's Fluid curves are cut using CNC technology, which allows us to minimize material waste," explains AndrasHuszar, co-founder of Hello Wood.

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Fluid Cube is a fixed cubic structure that contains a toughened glass roof with solar cells.The translucent roof allows the sun's rays to come in and also protects those sitting from the rain.By contrast, City Snake is a slender module that is more flexible in the way it is used.

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The expansion joints in these two furniture also play a role in shaping the characteristics of each piece of furniture.These include solar "bands," which also serve as decorations.Embedded USB sockets, WiFi hotspots and lighting are powered by seismic solar panels developed by Hungarian brand Platio.The sleek solid wood furniture has been installed in four Hungarian educational institutions and is also used as a community space.

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