Introduction and purchase advice for lounge chairs

- Jul 08, 2019-

1. The depth of the leisure beach chair

Usually in a formal occasion, sitting in a chair is only sitting in the front half, and sitting in a chair when relaxing is like falling into a chair. According to this situation, the depth of the leisure beach chair should not be too shallow, and the depth of the beach chairs of various styles is not too deep. First, but the basics will greatly exceed the sitting depth of the general conventional dining chair office chair. In fact, everyone's understanding of the depth of the chair is different, it is best to feel it personally. The recommended size is generally greater than 60CM.

2. The height of the leisure beach chair

The height of the leisure beach chair is related to the height. The height of the seat board is generally between 30-35cm. If there is a small child or a person with a relatively small body, it is necessary to consider purchasing a leisure beach chair with a lower height.

3. The height of the leisure beach chair armrest

Some leisure beach chairs have armrests, which is a matter of personal preference. If there is a handrail, consider the use of it, it is used to choose the middle and low height of the hand. If you just enjoy the feeling of being surrounded, you can choose a higher handrail.

4. Casual beach chair back

The back of a casual beach chair is not a 90-degree design, usually more than 90 degrees. The designer's center of gravity greater than 90 degrees is on the back of the chair. At this time, the length of the back of the chair should be increased appropriately, so that it will feel comfortable and sit more stable. In order to adjust the back of the chair, the general beach chair has a 4-speed-5-speed adjustment buckle for adjusting the height of the seat back.

5. The softness of the casual beach chair

The softness of the casual beach chair made of wrought iron and other materials is poor, and cushions and cushions can be used to increase comfort. If it is wood or rattan, it depends on whether the hardness of the material is acceptable. In general, rattan recliners must be equipped with cushions because it not only increases comfort, but also protects the seat panels from being damaged by individual forces.

6. The stability of the leisure beach chair

Stability needs to look at the various connection structures of the casual sand chair, no matter which connection method, it needs to be very strong, so there is no safety problem. You can sit back and forth and shake the beach chair to reflect its stability.

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