Iron furniture how to maintain

- Aug 11, 2017-

1, to avoid bumps to buy iron furniture, the handling should be careful, and placed the location should be smooth, so that furniture four legs smooth, rickety, then easy to make furniture deformation, there are places to pay attention to place Is not hard to hit the place, so as not to affect the life of furniture.

2, clean dust often iron furniture clean the surface of the dust, clean cotton knitwear should be used as a rag, and for the place where the dust should be cleaned with a soft brush, so as not to cause damage to the furniture surface.

3, far away from the acid we all know that with the chemical and the chemical agent on the corrosion of iron, it should let these iron furniture away from acid and alkali items, if accidentally stained with acidic or alkaline products, should be timely water stains Rinse clean, and then dry with cotton.

4, away from the sun for a long time the sun will make iron furniture, paint color or fall off, which will make the inner layer of metal oxidation deterioration. So the location of iron furniture as far as possible is not direct sunlight, if the case of sun exposure, then use curtains to block.

5, isolated moisture Iron furniture in the wet environment is easy to make metal corrosion, coating off, etc., so the location should be placed dry, and encountered furniture cleaning, remember not to use water or water on the iron furniture to clean, just Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

6, the elimination of rust at home, if the rusty furniture, do not immediately with sandpaper polished, if the location is relatively small can be stained with cotton can be wiped with oil, if the rust is large, try to please the technician maintenance comparison Professional, so that the life of iron furniture longer.

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