Is your outdoor furniture custom made?

- Nov 15, 2018-

  Customized outdoor (outdoor) furniture has become a popular and personalized trend in the market. It is different from the assembly line in building materials supermarkets and certain furniture brands. Because it is made, it is the size and size of such furniture. There are big differences in materials, processes and anti-corrosion treatment.

Outdoor (outdoor) furniture, the advantages and disadvantages of raw materials have the greatest impact on the final price of furniture. Aluminum alloy is usually used as the substrate. The teak structure is firm, the bearing capacity is good, the stability is high, and the price is moderate. The second is to look at the rattan craft and outdoor weaving materials. The focus of custom furniture is to arrange according to the layout of your own home structure. While emphasizing personalized furniture, pay attention to the rationality of space. Therefore, you should listen to the opinions of outdoor furniture designers before customizing furniture.

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