Mahogany furniture: waxing process is better than painting

- Jul 30, 2018-

Mahogany furniture is a combination of Chinese traditional art. In addition to the combination of painting and calligraphy art, sculpture art, craftsmanship, etc., its art of enamel decoration is also a particular emphasis. At present, mahogany furniture is gradually returning to rational and mature performance, and it is that the newly-introduced consumers in the industry have begun to pay attention to the furniture maintenance process.

At present, mahogany furniture maintenance processes are mainly divided into two types, one is the painting process. This is only the "raw paint", but also the skilled painter can do it. It is reported that there are not many people who actually master the technology of national paint. Therefore, the manpower and cost of the current lacquering process are relatively high, which is also the reason for the high price of lacquered furniture. Although the protective effect of the patented leather on mahogany furniture is very good, once the furniture is damaged, it will be difficult to repair the damaged patent leather. The repair cost and technical threshold are comparable to a human transplant operation, and its life and value will come to an end. .

Another kind of waxing process is a kind of maintenance that court craftsmen admired in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Compared with lacquered furniture, the production cost of the waxing process is basically negligible relative to the transaction price. The waxing process is easy to produce the wood patina that the redwood fans pursue. The patina has better protection for the furniture than the painted furniture, and it also plays the role of beautifying the mahogany furniture. It takes three to four years or even ten years for lacquered furniture to not appear. As for preventing the end of the mahogany furniture, the waxing repair process is simple and easy to operate, which is called a fool-style maintenance method. Damage to common hot marks and scratches is a breeze. Furniture buyers can repair themselves at home, without having to "seek medical attention" like lacquered furniture, and can enhance the feelings of loved furniture. This is the pursuit of real mahogany.

Therefore, the mahogany furniture waxing process is superior to the painting process in terms of manpower and cost, and in the protection and beautification of furniture.

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