Plastics have no reason why outdoor furniture is widely used

- Apr 24, 2018-

Plastics/plastics, such as PVC, PC, PP, and PE, have different physical properties and are not commonly used in the furniture industry. The main reasons are plasticity, bearing pressure, cost, scrap rate, etc. Domestic consumers have low awareness of plastics, have low-cost, are not strong, environmental protection and other circumstances, but also lead to only targeted manufacturers to withdraw plastic parts. Furniture. The chair is a typical representative, and it is known to use plastic parts in whole or in part (face to face). It can be seen from the above that the plastic parts are basically formed in one piece with a small area, which is convenient for transportation and requires high machining accuracy. Enumerate the characteristics of several plastic parts: external restrictions, such as chair, plastic chair structure of a number of simple and modern style, subject to the production process and material characteristics, it is difficult to produce a more stable appearance; processing difficulty, Plastic pieces of furniture rarely see multiple connections, and the skeleton is mainly metal. This requires that in the design and processing stage, there are high requirements on the accuracy of the mold, otherwise there will be serious problems in the convergence between different materials in the later period; the strength is not enough, the chair can sit or face through this side, back reinforcement, metal skeleton Make up, but will increase the cost and affect the appearance; of course, plastic parts also have many advantages, easy to transport (and the beginning does not conflict), the plastic parts used in furniture, a number of impact resistant materials, will not leave defects when impacted by external forces , Then it can restore itself; plastic parts can be processed into responsible shapes, such as irregular surfaces, the main cost is the mold. But for wood materials, the loss and processing costs are high; on the whole, the steel pipe is the new representative of the Bauhaus era, and the plastic parts are the new favorites of the furniture behind the steel pipe. They are very good among the new generation of European and American designers. The use of. Karim Rashid, designer of New York, designed a large number of household items with plastic and plastic as the main materials, of which chairs occupy a large part.

The following picture shows Karim Rashid's work:


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