Precautions for maintenance of outdoor furniture

- Nov 11, 2019-

After the overall design of the garden is completed.

We're going to start fitting out a range of furniture.

With the social demand for gardens.

The market is full of outdoor furniture to choose from.

Choose a good batch of outdoor furniture not only can beautify environment outstanding style.

And can make people more comfortable to enjoy the beauty of the garden.

Outdoor furniture

There is no doubt about the influence of outdoor furniture on the design of garden style.It can be icing on the cake, or it can ruin the whole design.So a lot of conditional friend can order according to oneself make a furniture to assure style is consistent.

Integrated sofa

Spent so much cost, we want to know the careful maintenance.In outdoor furniture to moistureproof prevent wet strong not easily destroyed.Made of wood, cane made of steel are compared people's choices.These finished goods are generally longer service life and maintenance can prolong the use time of furniture appropriate.

1.Made of wood or rattan:

General woodiness cane makes bamboo to make a product is to pass dry anticorrosive in manufacturing process, draw materials is natural and green environmental protection, and colour and lustre suits garden to use in nature very much.

The product is not easy to change color after processing, with anti-mold anti-insect anti-corrosion effect is the first choice of most people.And drawback is time grows furniture can suffer the influence of environmental climate, high temperature can make furniture easy craze, had better be in so dry ventilated environment place USES this kind of furniture, avoid sunshine point-direct.

Damp climate can make furniture gives birth to insect mildew to cause bacterium to need to clean from time to time, so appropriate nurse is necessary, clean when usable clear water or briny daub swab is clean, wait for a layer of smooth oil to make protection appropriately after air drying.

Made of rattan

Teak wood sofa

2.Made of iron and steel:

More and more people like to choose the household product that iron and steel makes now, iron and steel makes product furniture to had become the mainstream that furniture chooses.Because its characteristic can make a variety of design special modelling furniture, colour is bright-coloured design vogue, metallic quality of a material contemporary feeling is strong, suit tide more, and relatively traditional furniture has light and durable fireproof waterproof characteristic, do convenient need not worry to give birth to the problem such as insect mildew to save time and effort.But even with all these advantages, there are still some disadvantages.

Rust easily.Especially to the summer humid climate when the water comparison ambassador steel will rust off;

Easy to be corroded by acid and alkali liquid.Due to its own characteristics easy to produce chemical reactions so pay attention to avoid leakage of chemical liquid so as not to cause damage;

Avoid molding damage.Steel products are favored because of their varied shapes, mainly because their materials are easy to design and manufacture. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the damage to furniture caused by daily knock.This kind of furniture is given priority to with dry ventilated environment likewise, avoid insolation to be able to increase the service life of the product.

Made of iron and steel

The collocation of different furniture can appear different effect, won't have a kind of furniture only normally so in the home.No matter be what kind of furniture should love not to destroy deliberately, make its produce effect very well.

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