Reasons why plastic wood materials are constrained in the furniture industry

- May 02, 2018-

1. Low degree of freedom in design
From the extrusion process with the production process, plastic wood can only assume a linear state in most cases, so its use of design freedom greatly reduces the degree of freedom.
2. Face treatment requirements are high
The end face of the profile has low strength and is subject to collision or partial damage. Therefore, it is necessary to perform special treatment on the end to increase the strength.
3. There are limitations on the link
The commonly used linking method is to connect, stapling and bonding through the enterprise interface.
to sum up:
The use of wood-plastic materials is similar to that of panel furniture, but due to its slightly higher cost, it does not have the characteristics of solid wood furniture and is not very popular with the market. It is more suitable for use with outdoor flooring and a small amount of outdoor furniture.

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