Sofa fabric is very important

- Jan 09, 2017-

Sofa style hostess hobby-related, there are many people's manner there girl, but avoid overly fussy. Color when everything around you in harmony and balance with the warm feel of the bedroom. Sofa shape and size, pattern, and pattern and color to match the overall style in the living room.

Choice of color and spatial effects of sand, will give you a good guide. In addition to the overall appearance of your sofas and living room with outside harmonization. From a practical point of view, choice of materials of sand are also important. Sha choice of material should wear-resistant, stain-resistant, have a certain thickness and stiffness. Leather is categorized into: genuine leather, artificial leather, Sheepskin, suede-like; fabrics are divided into: canvas (fastness but rough texture), corduroy, velveteen, velvet, linen, rough hemp, chenille, velvet, cotton, linen, etc. Unity of aesthetics and practicality is also Wan ji goal.


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