Some knowledge about PE rattan

- May 12, 2017-

PE rattan, environmental simulation, a round, flat rattan, embossing rattan cane, cane, the simulation effect of cane, cane, dream discoloration rattan, foam, fine drag, densely long noodles, mildewy, shaving, mixing effect, such as colour, threading apply to indoor and outdoor use PE rattan furniture.

PE rattan size style variety, color variety, PE rattan.

PE rattan is used to replace natural rattan essential preparation of the main material of rattan furniture.

And cany art sofa is malleable, can wash, not easy to mildew, does not contain poison, uv protection and resistance to adverse weather conditions, weather resistance up to 3000 hours.

Lisa Patty Europe through the European SGS, ROHS certification testing, all the parameter values in the industry forefront.

By double co-extrusion, compressors co-extrusion production, can be in accordance with the requirements of customers for development, production all sorts of color and style of outdoor furniture for the new product.

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