Spring 2018 China Internet home decoration market research report

- Jul 23, 2018-

At present, China's Internet home decoration platform presents the characteristics of "home decoration e-commerce" in terms of business model, and takes the Internet as a supplementary means of marketing channels. And the provision of low - price finished product home decoration, can only solve the shallow level of the industry pain point. Internet home decoration integrates upstream and downstream resources of the industry, and provides consumers with decoration services that save money, time and effort by means of "low price package + short-term commitment + real-time monitoring of decoration process". In the future, the profitability of Internet home decoration is mainly based on its ability to integrate various resources and create transaction traffic.

According to monitoring data from bigdata-research data center, 36.8% of the users of Internet home decoration in China in the spring of 2018 completely solved the problem of home decoration through the Internet, 45.6% solved some problems through the Internet, and only 17.6% could not accept Internet home decoration. In the market share distribution of China's Internet home decoration platform in the spring of 2018, qijia ranked first in the industry with a 36.1% share, tuba rabbit's market share was 25.6% and aispace's market share was 11.9%. Qijia net by "one station service, a variety of brand management" mode of comprehensive development, high turnover.

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