Stainless steel furniture cleaning and maintenance

- Sep 06, 2017-

1, wipe with a paper towel or a soft cloth

The biggest feature of stainless steel is gloss. So the main thing is to maintain the maintenance of stainless steel, no matter what the water, even if it is clean if not dry, in the surface of stainless steel surface also left traces of water stains. When the oil is heavy, you can use ordinary paper towels to clean; when the oil is heavy with a neutral detergent, with hot water, and then rinse with water, and then wipe the water towels. Wrap dry stainless steel will be bright.

2, the emphasis on the regular ground rubbing swab

Especially in the kitchen, stainless steel kitchen utensils more diligently wipe. After the meal every meal to the kitchen, cooking utensils on the traces of water stains clean, do not wait until the oillogging plot more, it is difficult to deal with.

3, stainless steel should avoid acid and alkali

Stainless steel furniture is most sensitive to acid and alkali, acid and alkali corrosion is stainless steel furniture, "the number one killer." Therefore, it is not appropriate to scrub the stainless steel with vinegar. (Such as sulfuric acid, vinegar), alkali (such as alkali, soapy water, soda water), cleaning stainless steel furniture should not use bleach or 84 disinfectant, these water contains high chlorine content , The stainless steel has a strong corrosive, if not heart to the above, should immediately use the water to clean the sewage, and then dry cotton or paper towels clean.

4, keep dry and dry

Dry surface in order to make stainless steel furniture bright as new. Stainless steel, although not rust in principle, but afraid of wet, wet can make the loss of stainless steel, affecting its aesthetics, and even metal corrosion, chrome plating, etc., so stainless steel furniture should be placed in a dry place , And away from salt and vinegar, so as not to return to the tide, the furniture corrosion.

5, rust can not be used hard friction

Some stainless steel furniture because of lack of purity will produce some rust, out of these rust, do not use sandpaper or steel ball wipe, as the surface of the stainless steel will be hurt. If the rust is not large, you can use toothpaste or dipped in oil on the rust and spot rust, wait a moment, with a cloth wipe can eliminate rust.

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