Standards and standardization in the furniture industry

- Jun 25, 2018-

As the old saying goes, no rules, no square. Rules are standards. Today's furniture industry, already was not yesterday's traditional manufacturing industry, information technology, intelligent manufacture and flexible customization has been widely applied in industry, while the standard and standardization is the prerequisite and foundation information, intelligence and flexibility. Therefore, all business activities must be based on standards. However, what furniture enterprise lacks most at present is standardization system.

Why this? What is the relationship between standards and standardization? How can enterprises continuously improve production and improve efficiency through standards and standardization? I believe you will benefit a lot from the introduction of Dr. Liu xiaohong.

By the end of lean production, we must introduce standards and standardization.

For standards and standards are playing an increasingly important role in today's globalised world of the Internet, big data, personalization and services.

They are the basis of lean manufacturing and flexible manufacturing. It is an important part of seamless connection with supply chain.

It enhances the flexibility and combination of products through the standard interface and modularization of components.

It can minimize the physical fatigue of workers, save labor time, reduce costs, improve productivity and maximize profits.

It is the prerequisite for the implementation of furniture customization to achieve maximum standardization and maximum diversification of happy coordination of the combination;

It is also a necessary prerequisite and guarantee for successful implementation of informatization.

To sum up, without standards and standardization, enterprises cannot be industrialized, let alone informatization and intelligence. Therefore, enterprise competitiveness is impossible to speak of.

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