The 2019 White Paper on Furniture Trends Sees the Precision Development of Furniture Enterprises from Big Data

- Sep 12, 2019-

 1. Multi-dimensional data restoration market status

The precise development of products requires a re-examination of the R&D elements of the product. The first thing that needs to be determined at the beginning of R&D is positioning. Taking modern solid wood suites as an example, the core elements of product design are style, materials, painting effects and prices. . Through the data collection of 133 series products of 113 brands, from the proportion of subdivision style, the main material and proportion of the main material, the use of auxiliary materials, the surface coating effect (closed effect / semi-closed effect / open effect), The data chart is analyzed with various dimensions such as paint type, surface coating color and ex-factory price to maximize the real market situation and provide a basis for the company to find the right position and precise research and development.

2. Years of comparative analysis show trends

Static data can only present the current market status, and the trend of change often emerges in years of data comparison. Benefiting from the white paper's continuous data collection for many years, we are able to compare the data of the past three years to help us capture the trend of market changes.

        Taking the ex-factory price of modern solid wood living room sofa (1+2+3) as an example, a large number of brands gathered between 1.2W and 1.6W in 2017 & 2018, but the proportion of this range dropped sharply in 2019, and some brands are more cost-effective. The W-1.0W price range provides a more suitable living room for young people and lower-end markets; while the other part evolves towards mid- to high-end and high-end, offering products with more value and differentiation. It shows that the market is developing in a more diversified direction.

        Another example is the reshaping of the understanding of style: the understanding of style is deepened, and the pseudo-styles of many markets are called out by enterprises, and there is no scientific basis. In just 1-2 years, the limelight will flash, and the company will fall into a new round of style development crisis. Through several years of tracing, such as the description of the characteristics of modern style - "light weight in the process" is the essence of modern style expression.

3. Continuous segmentation is only for more focus and depth

 In 2019, in order to more specifically record the basic data of related fields, we divided the white paper into three sections: suite, software and customization, and customization is still being compiled. The suites are further subdivided into four sections: Modern Suite (Solid/Wood), Chinese Style Suite, European Style Suite and Junior Suite, in addition to massive data analysis from style, material, painting and price dimensions. Demonstrates a typical style of representative brand atlas;

        The software package includes three categories of sofas, soft beds and mattresses. Through the analysis of style, fabric, color and ex-factory price, the current domestic software market structure has been basically restored. At the same time, according to the image analysis collected by the exhibition, we summarized and presented the mainstream styles of the software for the first time.

        Shenzhen Furniture Research and Development Institute has launched the "White Paper on Furniture Trends" for 12 consecutive years, aiming to objectively and objectively restore the data information of various products presented by major exhibitions in the industry, re-deconstructing the subdivided data and refining a large number of Targeted analysis charts provide effective data support for enterprise decision makers' product development. The 2019 edition of the "White Paper on Furniture Trends" has evolved on the basis of the original white paper framework, making the content more focused, data more detailed, and more accurate analysis. After 12 years of 2008-2019, we are moving forward and hope that the White Paper on Furniture Trends in 2019 will provide the basis and ammunition for the precise development of enterprises.

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