The basic structure form of metal furniture

- May 09, 2017-

Fixed: more welded or riveted joint between components, and into the tear open outfit, or into a container type

Advantage: stable structure, strong, simple

Disadvantages: large, the same surface finish;

Increase the packing and shipping costs

2. The mounting type: artifacts between multi-purpose screws, bolts and other fittings connection, can tear open outfit for many times

Advantages: easy to surface processing and finishing, is good for long distance transportation and reduce packaging costs, robustness, stability is good

Disadvantages: requires high precision parts processing, strong interchangeability, tear open outfit will wear fittings for many times, reduce the stability

3. The folding: components through rivets, hinge, shaft connection, etc

Advantages: small volume, saving space, easy to carry, easy handling, is advantageous to the standardized design and production

Weakness: the required parts processing precision is high, the overall strength, stiffness and stability of slightly lower

4. The nested type: welding, rivets and screws

Advantages: reduce cover an area of an area, the packing and shipping

Disadvantages: high machining accuracy, the design scale is reasonable

5. Plug type: through casing, metal, plastic head connection

Advantages: loading and unloading of convenient, is advantageous for the surface finishing and packing and shipping

Faults: requirements splicing place high machining accuracy, interchangeability, overall soundness is slightly less stability,

6. Hanging: using the special metal components, the small cabinet put oneself in another's position or hanging on the wall

Advantages: small solid, stable and secure

Weakness: have requirements on design and the wall

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