The big six advantages of the cane furniture

- Jun 01, 2017-

First, the furniture of the cane is light and cool, have nature's natural color amorous feelings, bring a person the cool of the heart, suit summer to use very much. However, the style of simplicity was once neglected in the attack of modern furniture such as board furniture and leather sofa. The circle of the geomantic turns. In people's pursuit of the return to nature and the nature of today, the change of face, the heavy on the fashion front, attracts more and more people's eyes. Relative to board type furniture, cane type furniture does not contain formaldehyde, do not pollute, advocate simple, natural life, it is the environmental protection product in furniture.   


The second, make the cane furniture. The feeling that gives a person natural and refined, and environmental performance is good, suit family, hotel, dining-room and cafe to wait for various occasions to use.     

Third, woven rattan furniture gives a person the feeling of pure and fresh and natural, soft light, whether it's in the living room, or bedroom, had a ecru amorous feelings of nature, through heart cool. Originally, the favor of cane products is mostly in the middle and old people, now more and more young people are buying the rattan furniture.   


In the fourth. It is one of the few in modern furniture, each piece of rattan furniture is a piece of art that is carved by designers and technicians.    


Fifth, woven rattan furniture after strict processing, has good flexibility, permeability is strong, simple sense nature, feel is relaxed, comfortable and chic, accord with human body mechanics and engineering, etc. It's not like the furniture, 


Sixth, because woven rattan furniture is to use their natural cane woven, there will be a lot of irregular crack, it is not only beautiful, more important is sitting on top is not stuffy, like sofa will own breathing, which is the breath of nature. 

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