The cause of plagiarism in the furniture industry and the protection method of furniture intellectual property rights

- Sep 21, 2018-

The plagiarism of the furniture industry is caused by the following factors

1. Furniture R&D design requires a lot of financial investment, and most furniture companies are not very strong. Therefore, for cost-saving purposes, plagiarism design has become the best choice.

2. The enterprise engages in original design and costs a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. When the product is listed, it is counterfeited by others, and there is no effective protection measure. As a result, the enterprise loses its power to design and develop originality.

3, domestic professional furniture designers lack resources, according to incomplete statistics, in the "Furniture Province" Guangdong Province, there are nearly 10,000 furniture companies, but the professional designers have less than 1,000 people. In other words, there is only one designer for every 10 furniture companies. Usually, every furniture company needs at least 3 to 5 designers. The lack of design resources, the small number of independent designs, and the high cost, so most manufacturers chose the counterfeit route.

4. Consumers have low awareness of originality, and new products lack market positioning and promotion, resulting in low sales volume and high R&D failure rate.

5. Lack of intellectual property protection awareness and means of safeguarding rights. The plagiarism has a weak legal consciousness and low illegal costs. Imitation plagiarism emerges endlessly.

6. After the infringement, the rights protection professionalism is strong, and the procedures are cumbersome and long, causing many companies to give up their rights.

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