The Chinese style furniture of fashionable product is more attractive young group

- Jul 21, 2018-

In the past, people mention Chinese style furniture, often can think of modelling ponderous, style is classic, did not have the impression such as design sense archaic, and contemporary archaize furniture already different from the Chinese style furniture on ancient traditional sense, stylist people make it not only confluence traditional culture essence, have the tide design that is close to human nature more. A lot of new Chinese style furniture that designs feeling dye-in-the-wood also attracted the eyeball of more and more young people.

The design of a lot of businessmen advocate "modern Oriental" style, win with the new design that integrates tradition and modern, on the basis of fully excavating the connotation of traditional culture, combine modern trend design, practical with beautiful, deeply popular among young and middle-aged consumers.

In addition to the improvement of traditional furniture, many businessmen have developed new rosewood furniture products related to modern life. Different materials, the use of space, such as our product petal chair, the upper part of the chair is bionics, imitation of the elements of flowers, the lower part of the design has Chinese flavor, the overall color, the material combination is very romantic, very popular with young people.

New Chinese style furniture.jpg

More modern Chinese furniture.jpg

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