The concept of consumption is gradually abandoned, replaced by the price of goods and prices

- Jan 15, 2019-

The economic predictions of 2019 are still one of the most concerned places. Among them, we have classified four keywords: local awakening, color value iteration, price and price, and subdivision to king.

Local awakenings with the rise of the middle class, especially the rise of emerging consumer groups in China after 90s. These consumers have not experienced hunger since birth. They have begun to urbanize when they are sensible. After they entered the workplace, China became the second in the world. Big economies, so their natural local consciousness is very strong. In recent years, there has been a large-scale resurgence of domestic products. The awakening of local consciousness means the rediscovery of local innovation, local culture and local self-confidence.

That is to say, with the strengthening of national strength, consumers' confidence in domestic products will also increase after 90s, so the concept of worshipping foreigners will be gradually abandoned. For smart lockers, the smart locks that create the concept of Chinese goods and national sentiments will be increasingly favored and recognized by users.

Regarding the iteration of color values, going to the mall today to buy clothes and buy shoes does not mean that you are missing, but because you agree with its cultural symbols and aesthetic pursuits. "So for smart lockers, 2019 is still the age of looking at the face, smart locks are still not the key to attracting users, but I can not lose quality and safety for the sake of value.

Regarding the price of goods, Wu Xiaobo believes that in the past we have been misled by “good quality and low price”. When quality and cheapness become a consumer philosophy, no one in this market is willing to pay for your technological innovation. They only pay for the cheap. In recent years, we have changed things in the past few years. First, we liked whether or not we liked it. "Good quality and low price" was gradually abandoned by the mainstream consumption concept. It looks good, the quality of things is good, and the price is not expensive. This is a new trend of consumption.

That is, the user may not like the most expensive, and does not like the cheapest, as long as the product looks good, the quality is excellent, and the price is moderate. So for smart locks, price war is not the final option, and returning to rational competition is an inevitable trend.

Regarding the subdivision into kings, we believe that on the one hand, the head enterprises are more and more concentrated, on the one hand, the market segments are getting bigger and bigger, and “big and strong” and “small and beautiful” exist at the same time, which will become a big part of the future Chinese market. scene. For the smart lock enterprise, it is not good to be a "big and strong" head enterprise, and to be a "small and beautiful" sophisticated enterprise.

At the same time, in the smart home, we also have the vigilance of cross-border value-added. The enemy of tomorrow does not appear on today's opponent list." A large number of enterprises are crossing the border.

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