The development direction of painting

- May 19, 2017-

Pressure with the environmental policy, rising consumer environmental awareness;

Especially all over the country provinces and cities issued VOC emission evaluation standard, to encourage the use of solvent-based coating, brings to the development of environmental protection coating, such as water paint the opportunity.

Although the traditional coating still occupies a larger market share, but water paint is the green industry, paint is the direction of future development, domestic local leading enterprises is on the rise of water-based paint.

The development of waterborne coating and of the market share is increased year by year has been the fact that does not dispute, and has a tendency to speed up.

Some enterprises have realized the water-based paint broad market potential, and research and development, into, water-based paint market expansion.

Although water-based coating on environmental performance superior to the traditional paint, but on the physical properties, coating product is construction, not water resistant, easy to exposed skin, poor fullness, hardness, some shortcomings.

Paint film because of the strong hardness, high fullness, construction tolerance etc., are still among their first choices of investment with many decoration when coating.

Only on the physical properties of defect resolved, even beyond the traditional paint, consumers will be more active use water-based paint.

Just to cater to consumers on the environmental performance, on the construction technology, adornment effect is unable to satisfy consumers, water-based coatings market is still hard to open.

This requires water-based paint production enterprises in making technology innovation performance of water-based paint.

In addition, due to factors such as performance, technology, construction of water-based coating forbearance is far worse than oily wood coatings, often leads to the final film effect is poor.

For consumers, they are really buying, but it is not paint, but paint coating effect after use.

"Seven three coating, coating the jargon to describe the water-based coating is more appropriate.

For oily wood coatings and coating effect, the same degree of the coating construction technology of double attention water-based coatings enterprises, attaches great importance to the operation of the construction personnel training.

Dealer friends to consciously ascend water-based paint construction technology, and knowledge to guarantee high quality coating coating after construction effect, and can recommend to customers introduced the advantages of water-based paint on the healthy environmental protection

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