The difference between waterproof fabric and water repellent fabric.

- Dec 06, 2018-

1. Waterproof durability is different

Waterproof fabrics have longer durability and physical and chemical properties. Waterproof fabrics are shorter than waterproof fabrics, and their physical and chemical properties are not as stable as waterproof fabrics.

2. Different water pressure resistance indicators

The water resistance index of the waterproof fabric is usually above 3000MM, while the water resistance index of the water repellent fabric is less than 3000MM.

3. Invalid due to washing

Waterproof fabrics generally do not fail due to washing and prolonged use, while water repellent fabrics gradually weaken or even fail with washing and long-term use.

4. The specific role of applying to clothing is different

Waterproofing is a completely impervious barrier that denies water regardless of whether the fabric absorbs water or not. The main function of the water repellent treatment is to reduce the adsorption of water by the fabric so that the water can be "pushed out" on the surface of the fabric.

Waterproof fabric1

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