The driving factors for the development of China's wood furniture industry

- Dec 24, 2018-

   The furniture industry is an important civilian production industry and an industry with significant international competitiveness in China's national economy. It plays an important role in meeting consumer demand, improving the quality of life, promoting international trade, fully absorbing employment, promoting regional economy, and building a harmonious society. With the improvement of residents' income level and the gradual attention to the living environment, consumers' individualized demand for furniture and household items is increasing. Customized furniture has become a new and rapid growth point in the field of furniture consumption in recent years due to the efficient use of home space, the ability to fully reflect the consumer's personalized consumption needs, and the sense of modernity.

1. Have a huge market base

According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the consumption level of urban residents in China has increased rapidly. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of urbanization rate in China, the consumer groups in China's furniture industry have been increasing, providing a huge market space for the furniture industry.

2, the proportion of wood products increased faster

In recent years, with the concept of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the proportion of wood products in the overall decorative materials has gradually expanded, which has also brought greater market space to the wood products industry.

3. Rich people drive demand for high-end furniture

With the continuous development of China's economy and the substantial increase in the income level of residents, China's affluent population is also rapidly emerging. At present, China is gradually becoming the main force in the world's high-end consumer market. High-end consumer groups have a rational sense of consumption, and they are very different from other people in terms of consumption attitudes and behaviors. Their demand for products and brand measurement have risen from a single price field to a spiritual level. They agree that high prices are The performance of brand differentiation, but requires high prices must have subsidiary products to set off, such as brand culture, product concept, product connotation, unique packaging, technology, technology, functions and so on. The growth of wealthy people will drive the demand for personalized and humanistic craft products to grow.

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